Rollé is founded in the year 1965 and in 1966 Antoon van den Hurk became the first employee. During the following years Rollé grew and several drying chambers and warehouses were built. Also the main office is renovated and expanded.

In 1986 a management buyout takes place and Antoon van den Hurk takes over Rollé. From this moment Rollé starts to widen her horizons and focus shifts from national market to an more international orientation.

1989 is the year Rollé opens a branch in France. Here they also start drying their production. During the following 10 years Rollé keeps expending. The main office is expanded again and Rollé becomes the only importer for Pollmeier Benelux birch products. Also the French sales office AR Bois is founded.

Business continue to go well until a fire in 2003 burns down almost all of Rollé in Schijndel. 8 drying chambers and most of the stock is destroyed. Despite this unfortunate event, this also marks the beginning of a new era. First Ton en Deevid van den Hurk, the sons of Antoon, join Rollé. In the following years ofcourse Rollé is being built up again. The new construction of the fully conditioned yard is completed and also new patented outdoor drying T-sheds are developed and built. Furthermore new business are set up in France but also in Ukraine.

Since 2008 Urolumber lcc is fully operational and till this day our yard in Ukraine is one of our accomplishments we’re very proud of. Via our yard in Ukraine we’re able to collect and supply our European oak worldwide. And it’s also thanks to our Ukrainian yard we were able to further optimize our way of working and offer our customers the price and quality balance we’re able to offer today.

Another important landmark in the growth of Rollé and its history is the takeover of Rollé from father to sons. In 2012 Ton and Deevid van den Hurk takeover Rollé and although this officially is the moment Antoon retires, he is still working for and with Rollé almost every day.

Last of all in 2015 Rollé starts with the production of lamellas. Another landmark that makes the Rollé group the company it is today.

  • An international company with offices in Holland, France and Ukraine.
  • A company that purchases 20.000m³, mostly oak, per year from 60+ sawmills.
  • A company that grades the lumber to her own premium standards and premium processes the lumber in one of her yards in France, Holland or Ukraine.
  • A company that ships direct from stock to customers all over the world.